GPRS Alarms and Receiving Centre

A higher level security with GPRS Alarm Monitoring

Our GPRS Alarm monitoring offers a high-level and cost efficient method of security for your home and business alarm systems. It is easy to upgrade current electronic monitoring systems to include this added advantage by simply adding a high-speed data GPRS modem, or DTU unit.

Using wireless technology, GPRS monitoring is connected to an existing alarm panel or monitoring station, which then enables the system to send an alert without requiring a phone line. The main benefit of using GPRS Monitoring is that the system is not reliant on a standard phone line. Even in the case that the primary Internet connection is down, the system has the capability to detect the error and switch to a secondary GPRS connection.

Using GPRS monitoring enables you to take advantage of these wireless alarm monitoring benefits:

  • No phone lines
  • No call charges
  • No phone line rental
  • Increased security through constant polling.