Our Staff

Our Staff

We go to great length to look after our people whether recruited directly or transformed within Protective Custody academy at the start of a new contract. We look for people with personality in order to find the right fit for both our employees and clients. With rigorous pre-employment procedures, we thoroughly assess applicants and adhere to confirmed legal vetting standards. Employee retention is one of our strengths with a high rate in the top percentile for the security industry in Kenya. Also we focus heavily on developing talent from within as we mentor and support our employees as part of our succession planning model. Our people are ultimately appreciated, supported and well managed.

Reception and Concierge

Protective security provides fully managed reception and front of the house (Office) services, and ensures that our clients have a team that is an extension of the brand image of our organization. Our team works closely with the security team to provide seamless services for staff, clients and visitors. In any business, first impressions are vital. As the first point of contact, our goal is to ensure that the customers' journey is impressive, positive and memorable for all the right reasons. It is not just about looking smart and being efficient, but also about having a professional approach in making people feel at ease and reassured of our company care services...


Are assigned to keep the company and employees under administrative checks on legal and
regulation balances. Being well informed on company guidelines on day to day operation and customer relations. Handles all aspects touching on public relations both internal and external matters of criminal or civil in relation to customer or employee.

HR Advisors: Are apportioned across the business in order for all of our employees and
management teams to have experienced local support in HR related matters

Accounts Managers : Are assigned to each customer and employee, and one responsible for the contractual requirements and performance management of each contract.

Contracts Development: We ensure that every contract is surveyed and reviewed for efficiency after 90 days following consisted award. Our teams are responsible for assessing staff performance throughout the year and conducting mystery shopper exercises and penetration testing.

Operations Department

In-House Training Academy: Protective security self-delivers all training courses. This ensures that all employees are trained in our exacting standards and that all employees feel part of the Protective Custody Security culture from start of the employment.

Duty Supervisor (out of hours):This team conduct welfare visit and provide immediate response to our staff and customers. The supervisors confirm guards' presence in each contract location and company requirement adherence. They are the ever constant management presence on sight to oversee the running of our business and the front line decisions makers out of hours. NB: There is always a Senior Manager on call 24/7 to oversee and manage any serious incident that may occur

Control Room / Crew Teams: Every contract is visited by crew teams through control room co-ordination and is manned 24 hours a day to ensure our posting are familiar with work environment. There is always assistance on-hand to support our staff and customers.

Technical development manager: Supports all new implementation and oversee the integration of support systems. He ensures a culture of efficiency and ongoing technical development for all our customers.