Chief Executive Officer

We constantly ensure the success of our business through the commitment of our services. Our motivation is the continual development of a committed and ambitious workforce through effective leadership and training. It is our continued priority to maintain and improve our levels of services. We guarantee all Protective Custody Security employees' primary focus is our customers. Demonstrating our wellness work ethic, our passion for doing a good job and our determination to continually look for new and creative ways of delivering our services is what sets us apart from our competitors of contract size..

Finance Director

The Protective Security specialist in this position has overall responsibility to the company and working closely with the CEO is charged with assigning and monitoring administration responsibilities across all teams of administration and regional managers which evaluate employees performance geared towards customer needs. Designs and implements improvements to current systems by organizing, orientation and training for adherence towards administration policies and procedures in order to improve operational efficiency. Preparation of operational and financial reports and schedules to ensure efficiency while maintaining a safe and secure working environment.

Operations Director

Responsible for formulation and implementation of administrative representation. Liais on matters pertaining to public relations with clients of the company.

Regional Managers:

Are assigned to each region and responsibility to customer and employee for contractual requirements and performance management of each region.

  • Train subordinates security professionals or other organization members in security rules and regulations.
  • Plan security for special and high risk events.
  • Review security approach and ensure efficiency and quality of security operation.
  • Develop budgets and order security related supplies and equipment needed
  • Coordinate security operations and activities with public law enforcement fire and other agencies as well as attend meetings, professional seminars or conferences to keep abreast of changes in the executive legislative direction or technologies impacting security operations.
  • They also assist the company in managing emergencies and contingency plans.

Deputy Regional Officer

Working in close co-operation with the Head of Departments in charge of deployments and general supervision.

Marketing Manager

Managing all marketing activities for the company and activities within the marketing department. Developing the marketing strategy for the ompany in line with the company objectives. Coordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities and most importantly to ensure good customer relationship is maintained in the organization..